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There are many options for adventure holidays down under!

New Zealand offers a wide range of adventure opportunities. Adventure holidays are about experiencing new things. New Zealand is often associated with white water rafting, kayaking and bungy jumping. However, the Australian adventure industry has successfully developed and marketed many new opportunities over the past twenty years. The growth of indigenous cultural experiences has also been a key part of the adventure industry. You can not only do something crazy, but you can also learn about New Zealand’s Maori culture.

You can do full moon sand surfing at incredible speeds on huge dunes if you start your New Zealand vacation in Auckland. You can have a great time and scream your lungs out, but imagine yourself speeding down a dunes under a starlit sky with only the moon as your guide. You can also choose to do daytime sand surfing, or guided kayaking at night, or combine kayaking and walking while learning about the Maori history and connection to the area.

New Zealand is surrounded by water and offers many holiday opportunities on the ocean. These include big game fishing, sailing charters, dolphin swimming, and even big-game fishing. Swimming with sharks is one of the most exciting adventures available to those who are willing to risk it all. You can go out into the ocean in a shark tank at various locations on the North Island. However, if you are looking for a shark encounter with a guarantee there is an Aquarium Shark Adventure in Auckland. You will be able to meet these predators in the wild, and all you need is a cage. You can spend 15 minutes snorkeling with the Broadnose Sevengill and Wobbegong sharks, once you feel comfortable.

Flying in a plane on your New Zealand holiday is a great way to experience the thrill of adventure. A tandem skydive at a maximum height of 16,000 feet offers breathtaking views of the South Island and North Island. If the idea of being strapped on to someone and flying in a small plane makes you feel nauseated, there are new ways to enjoy ‘freefall in Rotorua. After your flight tuition, you are outfitted in a specially designed flight suit and safety gear. Then you take off into freefall. Before you can take off in freefall, you have the opportunity to stop at the halfway point to catch your breath.

Rotorua is known for its zorbing, which involves rolling down hills in an inflatable globe. It has also been compared to Queenstown when it comes to adventure tourism. The Triple Bypass Pack offers you the opportunity to choose from three of four adventure options: freefall, jet boat ride and Swoop swing. Have you ever heard of it before? It is a New Zealand first and the first monorail-powered monorail racetrack. Schweebing is a combination between a recumbent bicycle and a monorail. Due to the low resistance, riders can achieve speeds up to 60km/h at a 60 degree angle. This makes it an ideal ride option for holiday planning.

Heli-biking Queenstown is a popular option for mountain bikers who like the adventure of biking. This trip includes a helicopter flight over the Remarkables mountain range and then 18kms of varied terrain. From the 2000m Ben Cruachen summit, there is only one way down. It’s by bike! Your journey will take you along rolling ridgelines, old gold miner tracks and a 4WD farm track. You’ll end your journey in a local winery.

You can make your holidays in New Zealand more exciting by adding adventure activities to your vacation. They can be anything from wild and crazy to relaxing scenic adventures. You have the option of choosing adventures on land or in the air depending on your comfort level and budget. While the classic New Zealand adventures are great, you can also try newer and more exciting experiences. Travelling is only one adventure, so adding some adrenalin challenges to your New Zealand vacation will make it even more exciting.