Top 5 Myths About Backlinks

Backlinks are an extremely popular subject in online marketing forums. If you’re in SEO it is essential to utilize backlinks of some kind. In this post, instead of talking about the facts can be learned about backlinks we will look at some of the things that people think they are aware of, but actually massive misconceptions regarding backlinks. It is my wish that you can learn something from this article that will help you save time in the future. In that regard, here’s my most common misconceptions about backlinks.

1. To begin we’ll look at some of the more commonly-held misconceptions regarding backlinks. A lot of individuals believe that the higher the number of backlinks you have the more valuable. But this isn’t the case! Although 5,000 profiles are excellent, I would prefer to have a backlink on an authoritative PR7 website than 5,000 backlinks from profiles. Every backlink is not created all equal. Certain backlinks are superior to some, but it’s recommended to select the quality of your backlinks over the quantity. For example 250 backlinks from articles can generally be more effective than forum profiles with 5,000 because backlinks from articles are displayed on pages that are more relevant to your content.

2. The most common error that I’ve seen many individuals make is to just build backlinks to their site once and put it off for. If you own large websites you must create backlinks frequently. If you only make backlinks one time your website might not be able to last for long in search engine rankings. Links could disappear and your competitors could make backlinks more frequently and so on.. It is essential to keep creating backlinks frequently!

3. Another myth that has been recently on the news is that using the identical anchor text for all your backlinks are good. A lot of people have learned the hard way with an update recently that made it clear that using your anchor’s text identical across all of your backlinks could reduce the effectiveness that these backlinks have. Search engines may view this as unnatural, and could attempt to minimize the impact on these links.

4. As we’re discussing the topic of anchor texts, a second popular myth is that you must have an anchor text. It’s not always the case. It is possible to gain some benefit from URL addresses that do not have anchor text. Although this might not give any boost to a certain keyword, it will assist you with a portion of your rankings , and could increase your ranking for a variety of keywords. If you are offered the opportunity to use a PR3 link for free with just your URL, get onto it! Anchor text doesn’t have to be included for impact!

5. In the final part, I’m going discuss one of the most debated subjects on backlinking. The notion that a lot of backlinks could penalize you. Many claim that this is accurate. However, based on my personal experience I’m going to call this an untruth. I’ve never encountered an unrestricted website by Google due to too numerous backlinks. Additionally that, nowhere in Google’s webmaster’s guidelines do they mention that backlinks can be an excuse for being removed. Consider this. If too many backlinks can be detrimental to your site What is hindering individuals from generating thousands of backlinks for their rival? Businesses spend millions on SEO work to ensure that they rank on the first page. Do they really need to be making just a few thousand backlinks, and hurting their competitors? No, of course it isn’t. Google is aware of this and knows that if someone could punish a website the index of search engines is in grave danger. It is unlikely that you will be penalized for having too many backlinks. The worst-case scenario is when the search engines discover that you’ve generated hundreds of backlinks and decide to reduce the importance of those backlinks, and you lose the rank you used to have. This could also cause fluctuations in rankings when search engines attempt to determine the best place for your website to be located. There’s no way to be exiled, however. When I’ve had conversations with anyone who says their website was banned for backlinks I’ve always found an element on their site that is in violation of webmaster guidelines.

Well, I hope that you loved this article. I hope you’ve gained some knowledge from this post. If you’re trying to get your goals, maybe this article can assist you in shifting your strategy to make a few of the mistakes you could make. Best of luck!

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