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Here are some tips and advice to help you find the best adventure travel destinations.

You might consider an adventure vacation if you’re looking for something more adventurous and risky. You can travel to exotic destinations worldwide and plan the trip of a lifetime. You can ride an elephant in Thailand or travel by horseback to remote mountain areas. This type of vacation may not be for everyone. If you are looking for relaxation and rest, adventure travel is probably not the right choice.

You won’t get much rest, but your accommodations will be simpler than at five-star resorts. This is a compromise to enjoy this kind of outdoor recreation that is often far from the main roads. Do something new and be one with the natural world.

Adventure travel can be very exciting but there are also risks, especially when you travel to foreign destinations. There are many online travel sites that offer world-class adventure travel experiences at reasonable prices. There are over 21,000 vacation options available for adventure seekers, including African safaris and Antarctic expedition cruises. You can also choose to hike Machu Picchu, go on a Nile cruise, Mongolian wilderness adventures, and a Nile cruise. There are many options for adventurous and active vacations around the world.

You can find comprehensive guides on adventure travel all over the Internet. Just type adventure travel guide into your search engine and you’re good to go. These online adventure travel guides can be a great resource for outdoor recreation and adventure travel. They include information about top destinations, national parks and outdoor gear as well as hiking and kayaking. You can add your family to your adventure travel query to find many sites that offer family adventures such as whitewater rafting and houseboat rentals, horsepack trips and trail rides and dog sledding vacations.

There are many options for adventure holidays down under!

New Zealand offers a wide range of adventure opportunities. Adventure holidays are about experiencing new things. New Zealand is often associated with white water rafting, kayaking and bungy jumping. However, the Australian adventure industry has successfully developed and marketed many new opportunities over the past twenty years. The growth of indigenous cultural experiences has also been a key part of the adventure industry. You can not only do something crazy, but you can also learn about New Zealand’s Maori culture.

You can do full moon sand surfing at incredible speeds on huge dunes if you start your New Zealand vacation in Auckland. You can have a great time and scream your lungs out, but imagine yourself speeding down a dunes under a starlit sky with only the moon as your guide. You can also choose to do daytime sand surfing, or guided kayaking at night, or combine kayaking and walking while learning about the Maori history and connection to the area.

New Zealand is surrounded by water and offers many holiday opportunities on the ocean. These include big game fishing, sailing charters, dolphin swimming, and even big-game fishing. Swimming with sharks is one of the most exciting adventures available to those who are willing to risk it all. You can go out into the ocean in a shark tank at various locations on the North Island. However, if you are looking for a shark encounter with a guarantee there is an Aquarium Shark Adventure in Auckland. You will be able to meet these predators in the wild, and all you need is a cage. You can spend 15 minutes snorkeling with the Broadnose Sevengill and Wobbegong sharks, once you feel comfortable.

Flying in a plane on your New Zealand holiday is a great way to experience the thrill of adventure. A tandem skydive at a maximum height of 16,000 feet offers breathtaking views of the South Island and North Island. If the idea of being strapped on to someone and flying in a small plane makes you feel nauseated, there are new ways to enjoy ‘freefall in Rotorua. After your flight tuition, you are outfitted in a specially designed flight suit and safety gear. Then you take off into freefall. Before you can take off in freefall, you have the opportunity to stop at the halfway point to catch your breath.

Rotorua is known for its zorbing, which involves rolling down hills in an inflatable globe. It has also been compared to Queenstown when it comes to adventure tourism. The Triple Bypass Pack offers you the opportunity to choose from three of four adventure options: freefall, jet boat ride and Swoop swing. Have you ever heard of it before? It is a New Zealand first and the first monorail-powered monorail racetrack. Schweebing is a combination between a recumbent bicycle and a monorail. Due to the low resistance, riders can achieve speeds up to 60km/h at a 60 degree angle. This makes it an ideal ride option for holiday planning.

Heli-biking Queenstown is a popular option for mountain bikers who like the adventure of biking. This trip includes a helicopter flight over the Remarkables mountain range and then 18kms of varied terrain. From the 2000m Ben Cruachen summit, there is only one way down. It’s by bike! Your journey will take you along rolling ridgelines, old gold miner tracks and a 4WD farm track. You’ll end your journey in a local winery.

You can make your holidays in New Zealand more exciting by adding adventure activities to your vacation. They can be anything from wild and crazy to relaxing scenic adventures. You have the option of choosing adventures on land or in the air depending on your comfort level and budget. While the classic New Zealand adventures are great, you can also try newer and more exciting experiences. Travelling is only one adventure, so adding some adrenalin challenges to your New Zealand vacation will make it even more exciting.

Adventure-Thrill Vacations

Over the years, adventure/thrill vacations have grown in popularity. People will actually spend money on a week of travel with a storm chaser team. These people may seem crazy to some, but they are not for everyone. They may not be as crazy as you think, but they do love the thrill of seeing lightning strike their chase car or seeing a tornado close up. Some people enjoy being able to see wild animals such as elephants or lions while on safari. There are many adventure-seeking people out there and more companies are offering amazing vacations. A few years ago, my family went on a safari to South Africa. It was an unforgettable experience that we will never forget. My 10 year old son was astonished when we came within feet of elephants, lions, and leopards.

We have some suggestions for families who love adventures. These are rare opportunities that only come once in a lifetime. They can also be quite expensive, but it’s worth it. These are the best vacations you can have. You can find more information and links on our website.

Adventure Travel Top Thrill/Adventure Travel

Tornado/Storm Chasing

Just like the TV shows, you too can be a storm chaser. Tornado Alley is alive with the most thrilling storms during the months April, May, and June. Many storm-chasing companies have sprung up in the region that runs from north Texas to central South Dakota, thanks to all the TV coverage. These companies often use the tours as a way to finance their research on tornadoes. The tours include transportation, lodging, and meals. You will also be accompanied by experienced chasers who can predict the location of storms and bring you close enough to take photos but not too close. These are some of the companies that offer tours: Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, Storm Chaser Extreme Chase Tours and StormTours. These tours are very popular so be sure to plan ahead.

Roller Coaster Tours

Are you a passionate roller coaster rider? There are tours that allow you to travel with fellow coaster enthusiasts and enjoy some of the most exciting coasters in the country. It was amazing to me that so many people love, and even love, roller coasters. While they make me sick, others are driven to find the fastest, highest, and most thrilling coasters. Here are a few companies that offer tours: Thrill Coaster Tours, Theme Park & Roller Coaster Tours.

African Safari

You must go on an African Safari if you are a lover of animals. This was one of the most memorable adventures our family has ever experienced. With an experienced safari guide, you spend hours in the bush looking for animals in their natural habitat. Many safari game reserves offer the opportunity to view the “Big 5 Game”. The Big 5 include Lion, Elephants, Buffalo, Leopard, Black Rhinoceros, and Buffalo. Because they were the most difficult to hunt, the hunters called them Big 5. While Kenya and Tanzania are the most well-known reserves, there are many reserves throughout southern Africa. My family selected a game reserve in

Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa. They were the only “malaria-free” reserves. Other reserves require guests take malaria tablets prior to coming.

Polar Bear Adventure

A polar bear adventure is a unique and unforgettable adventure. Frontiers North Adventures offers a Tundra Buggy Adventure for Canadians in October and November. This adventure gives you exclusive access to Cape Churchill, a polar bear sanctuary in Wapusk National Park. NBC covered this company during the Canadian Winter Olympics. Frontiers North Adventures offers many other thrilling adventures in the Arctic.

Fighter Jet Tours

A fighter jet tour is the best option for those who want speed. Incredible Adventures Starfighter offers a tour that allows you to fly in a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Although the prices are a bit high, this is a rare opportunity to fly suborbital training flights at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. You can also enjoy Top Gun’s thrills on a L-39 fighter jet tour.

Zero Gravity

Do you love space flight? Would you like to feel weightlessness? You don’t need to be an astronaut to experience space flight. Zero G offers what they call the “weightless experience”. Their specially modified Boeing 727’s can perform parabolic arcs, creating a weightless environment. You will have the adventure of your life thanks to their flight training, flight suit, photos and video, as well as 12-15 parabolas. They operate out of Titusville, Cape Canaveral and Las Vegas. Sometimes, they also fly out of Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.

Warrior/SWAT Training

Do you ever want to experience the thrill of being part of a Special Operations team or a SWAT team? Now you can train with Special Operations personnel to learn Counter Terrorism and SWAT operations. Tri-core International LLC offers several scenarios where you will be placed in situations such as school shootings, bank robberies and counterterrorism. These scenarios are open to the public, and require two days of training/scenarios.

Great White Shark Adventures

“We will need a larger boat …”. This is the quote from Jaws. Sharks are the most fearsome predators on Earth, with the White Shark the most fearful. South Africa’s Cape Town is a great place to see white sharks. A few tour companies offer close-up viewing and diving with sharks. Shark Cage, White Shark Ecoventures and White Shark Ecoventures are two examples of such companies.

North and South Pole Adventures

Icetrek Expeditions offers tours that combine cold weather with the excitement of a polar adventure. Icetrek Expeditions specializes in Arctic and Antarctica tours, offering both shorter experiences and longer expeditions. You should take an adventure to one pole if you want a unique experience.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is a great family activity. Guides will take you down scenic rivers, where you can enjoy rapids that range from 1 to 6. Grade 1 is for those with basic skills and can be done in short, rough areas. Grade 6 is the most dangerous and may prove to be too dangerous for some. Rafting America has gathered 21 companies that offer rafting trips for beginners to experts. Many trips offer family bonding opportunities and are multi-day.


Adventure Marketing – What it Can Do For Your Adventure Tour Business

Do you own a business that runs an adventure tour company or are you just a business owner? Do you rely on adventure marketing for success in your business? You don’t know what you’re missing. This could mean hundreds of thousands in profit, if it isn’t already.

The term adventure marketing is used often to describe marketing adventure-related activities such as adventure tours. While it’s a great marketing tool for any business, it is especially important for those who operate adventure tours companies in popular tourist destinations. It is therefore important to learn more about adventure marketing, especially if you have not yet.

It is great to know that adventure marketing can improve your business profits. Marketing is the act of promoting your business or marketing it to the general public. This includes your target market. Advertising space on an adventure tour website, or having your business listed in an online directory with fun and adventurous travel tours may be one form of adventure marketing.

You need to examine the benefits of adventure marketing for your business and yourself. If you owned a rafting company, would you expect potential customers to be able find you and your business on their own? You might be able to find customers if your business is in a good location. But you can’t rely solely on the location of your business. It is recommended that you take additional steps to make sure that the public is aware that your business exists and what it offers.

The best thing about adventure marketing? You can either do it yourself or hire a professional to help you. Or you could take both. Adventure marketing can include, as mentioned above, requesting your adventure tour to be listed on an adventure tourism directory website or purchasing advertising space on a travel website. You can also market your business by creating an online site, creating informational brochures for potential clients and requesting space in state-sponsored travel guides or brochures.