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Organic Dairy Products vs. Conventional Dairy Products: What Are the Advantages?

The battle for dairy products is fierce. Many times, the dairy you see in the grocery store is different from the one you used growing up. The majority of conventionally produced dairy products are made from cows that have been raised in unnatural conditions, given high doses antibiotics and given hormones to increase milk production. Organic dairy products are becoming more popular for those who don’t want to deal with these issues. Many people aren’t sure if the higher price of organic milk products is worth the added cost. Here are some benefits to consider when deciding whether to invest in organic milk products for your family.

Organic dairy products are made from hormone-free milk. The cows also give milk that contains hormones. These hormones are a concern to many scientists. Many scientists believe hormones in milk and other dairy products are the main reason that young boys and girls enter puberty earlier than their counterparts. Organic dairy products are not subject to the same hormones as those produced from conventionally-raised cows.

Many cows raised conventionally are kept in conditions that make most people shiver. Many cows are kept in small stalls that make it difficult for them to move around. In order to increase their milk production, the animals may be fed an unnatural diet. Organically raised cows are allowed to move freely and receive a better diet. Their milk is actually higher in certain vitamins and minerals. Organic milk is more nutritious than milk from conventionally raised cows.

Organically raised milk contains more vitamins and nutrients than regular milk. It also has higher levels of omega-3s. This means that milk with higher omega-3 levels has similar benefits to quality olive oil and fish oil. Even though organic milk may not contain as much omega-3 than these oils, the benefits of organic milk are sufficient to convince many people to switch to organic milk.

Organic milk tastes even better once you get used to it. Organic milk tastes exactly like milk, and has all the nutritional benefits. After consuming organic milk for a while, people who then return to regular milk will often say that organic milk tastes better. Drinking delicious organic milk, in addition to all the health benefits it offers, is a great way to support small humane farms and not give your money to large industrial farming operations.