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Website Backlinks – What You Need to Know for SEO in 2015

Backlinks Analysis

With all the new updates and ever-changing algorithms of Google, Bing and Yahoo! It can be difficult to stay on top of the most effective SEO techniques. Backlinks on websites in particular are causing a lot confusion among the internet community, and severe sanctions being handed to sites who aren’t following the regulations.

However, these rules aren’t easy to comprehend, so we’ve put together an easy-to-understand explanation of the backlinks on websites the most important thing you should know about them , and the best method to create high-quality backlinks in the future.

What are Backlinks?

A brief and easy definition of the term “backlink” is any link users click that takes them from a different location on the internetdirectly to your website. For instance, if a person is a fan of your business and suggests your site on their blog, with the link to your website, it’s an example of a backlink. In the same way, if you share links to your website on different areas of the internet and they are backlinks, too. Backlinks can be simply your site’s URL or be embedded in text as an anchor hyperlink. Whatever the situation the most important test for the backlink is “does it link to your site?” If yes, then it’s an actual backlink. Unfortunately, that’s the only simple part of the equation-understanding what a website backlink is.

As you move on, it can get somewhat complicated (but I’ll attempt to make it easier for you! ).

Website Backlinks|Why are SEO Backlinks Important?

Backlinks to websites are essential since search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! all utilize algorithms to rank websites on results pages. This means that certain aspects of your website have more significance to search engines when it’s time to recommend your site to someone who is making an inquiry. SEO backlinks have a lot of “weight” in these algorithms, which means they directly affect your position within the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) in the event that a user is trying to find the same person or thing as you/your business.

You know that the higher your rank on SERPs for relevant search terms, the more targeted leads as well as traffic entering your website So it makes sense that if backlinks aid in ranking higher, you should have to get as many backlinks from websites as you can get do you think?

But, not as fast This is what really tripped me! SEO backlinks are about quality over the quantity. It is because you will only get higher rankings in the mind of a search engine by having quality backlinks. This means that the more well-known and highly rated the website has backlinks to their website the more positively it’s likely to impact your rankings. However when you have weak or unreliable backlinks, they could negatively impact your rankings.

Think of it as follows: If two people are discussing you with someone who wants to know more about your products and services, and one of them is highly respected, while the other group is known to be a gang of lies, Google only wants to hear from the respected group. For this reason Google, they “weight” backlinks from websites according to the website’s PageRank.

The greater your PageRank of the website which is responsible for the backlink, the more attractive your website will appear to Google. Google will think, “Well, if so and believes in them and recommends them, then they must be an excellent site. We’ll be sure to recommend them too!” However, if you’re getting lots of backlinks to your website from websites that have low PageRank, Google will say, “Hey this group gets no respect from the top sites. We’re not likely to honor them, either.”

What’s the Best Way to Build Quality Website Backlinks?

What’s the best method to make sure that your backlinks to your website come from high-quality websites? There was a time when you could guest blogs or request backlinks. However, today the best SEO method is to concentrate on your own site and let backlinks flow naturally. They will eventually land in your garden first according to the old saying. When you build a site that is high-quality that is informative, useful and unique blogs, you can naturally build backlinks to your website.

These are also known as “no web backlinks that ask for permission,” however whatever you choose to refer to these (inbound link, inlinks and so on. ) Just remember that quality breeds quality. If the product you offer or service that you provide is excellent and the information you’re giving out is great then the links naturally flow. Be sure to answer the pressing questions that your customers are asking and not only ” how do I acquire backlinks to my site”.

Offer insight into the field and be a authority in your field. Share your thoughts or offer your own perspective on current events and hot topics. If your content is shared, your readers will not just want to share your contentbut they’ll also be inclined to share it as they would like to be connected to you.

As an online marketer, MLM instructor and advisor, April Ray has helped many new business owners create leads, traffic as well as sales to their own home business, as well as offer guidance to those lacking the necessary skills and confidence to start creating the business of their dreams.