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The World Bodypainting Festival: Professional makeup artist in bangalore

The World Bodypainting Festival is the largest event in body painting and a Championship. It includes different professional makeup categories like special effects, sponge and brush, airbrush, UV effects, and face painting.

The new venue for the 14th annual event in Portschach was chosen. Portschach, located in the southern part of Austria at the lake Worthersee is just 15 minutes away from Klagenfurt Airport.

In addition to competitors, sponsors, and attendees, many vendors from all over the globe gather at the Bodypainting Festival to display their latest products, including special effects makeup artist in bangalore professional makeup, and airbrush tattoos.

The festival attracted more than 24,000 people this year. The World Championship was attended by professional makeup artists from 42 different countries. The World Championship of Makeup (WBF) is not only about body painting. It also brings together art, music, and other shows, making it a magical experience.

This event offers a chance to attend workshops such as professional makeup, special effects, airbrush makeup and sponge and brush makeup.

The WBF Academy was launched this year. This academy offers a unique opportunity to watch professional makeup artists from all over the world and also provides classes and demonstrations in a variety of categories, including professional makeup and face painting. Nearly 100 people attended the workshops, where they learned from some of the best instructors in the world.

2011’s themes were “Renaissance – Rebirth”, on the 2 main days, and “Haute Couture”, on Sunday.

Friday marked the start of the event. It began with the category Special Effects Makeup and the preliminary round for the World Award in category brush/sponge. The international renowned jury included Mike Shane (Luxembourg), Craig Tracy, Filippo Loco(USA), Jinny and Filippo Loco (USA), Patrick McCann (Germany/USA), Denis Penkov in Germany, Ernst Wieser (Austria).

Following the event was fluoro competition, awards, sponge-brush, airbrush competition, and an amateur contest. On Sunday, the World Champion title was awarded to the main categories, which included airbrush, brush/sponge and professional makeup.

The after party was the highlight of the show and is often called the “craziest party” in the world. It took place on the last day of the event. The WBF is a highly sought-after event in the body and face painting industry.

The World Bodypainting Festival will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2012. It will be held at Portschach. Austria. The event week will take place July 2-8 2012. Register early, especially for the WBF academy. There are only a few seats for each workshop in 2012.